I am a Coloradoan-turned-Oregonian, music dabbler, forest wanderer, yogi, food fan, environmental engineer and global health/sanitation passionista. I'm currently employed by GSI Water Solutions on a variety of environmental cleanup and water reuse projects for municipal clients.

Additionally, I am on the Board of Directors of the sanitation advocacy group PHLUSH. This group has worked with the city for 15 years to develop and install toilets in downtown Portland, and is now working to improve access to these and other sanitation/hygiene services for all members of society, especially underrepresented groups such as the non-binary, elderly, and unhoused.


MS Environmental Engineering, Oregon State University (View my thesis here.)
BS Environmental Engineering (French minor), University of Colorado Boulder


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Schutzius, G., Nguyen, M. & Navab-Daneshmand, T. Antibiotic resistance in fecal sludge and soil in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Environ Sci Pollut Res 26, 34521–34530 (2019). (Read here)

My Story

Honing down my career path has been like solving a rubix cube (and I haven't quite solved it... yet). When I was a kid, I couldn't decide between creative writing or math problems, roaming the woods or playing video games, reading or singing show tunes. I built websites (i.e. this one!) and starred in my high school musical (Beauty and the Beast... guess which one I was!).

Starting college, I considered studying nursing, journalism, French, and opera before deciding to pursue engineering, because I knew that it would be a challenge that would reward me with diverse career opportunities. After graduation I worked in food service and entertainment (I was a princess at birthday parties), and "used my degree" as a compliance specialist for the energy industry. I also dug into non-profit fundraising and event planning as a volunteer for the international water and sanitation non-profit Water for People.

In 2016, I went back to school with a goal of working to understand and mitigate global health sanitation issues, and was incredibly fortunate to earn funding as an Evans Fellow through the Oregon State University Humanitarian Engineering department to conduct research on antibiotic consumption habits and antibiotic resistance in septic tank sludge and soil environments in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (huge thanks to Dick and Gretchen Evans for funding this incredible opportunity). I hope that this research will prove useful for health officials and policymakers in Vietnam to mitigate the issue of antibiotic overuse and resistance in that country (read the publication of this research here).

Inequities in environmental and public health are abundant, but they are often hidden from the public eye. Areas of environmental degradation in the past have typically been covered up, but may still present human and ecological health risks today. Access to toilets/showers/laundry services (and other hygiene facilities), which are vital to prevent the spread of disease, is a human right and dignity that is still not guaranteed even in much of the developed world.

It is my goal to investigate and remedy these issues, both in my professional life and as a volunteer in the community. I am especially interested in participating in local panels, discussions, journalism, and other outlets focused on environmental and sanitary injustice, where the voice of the community may be strengthened such that local lawmakers can hear.

Let's do great things together!

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